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Experienced Litigation Representation

When it comes to complex business disputes, you don’t always need a big firm for a big fight. What you or your business does need is an experienced attorney who has the knowledge and determination to fight for your rights.

Doug Belofsky has the ability to assist with all types of business litigation, from the simplest disputes to the most involved and complex cases.

More Than 30 Years Of Litigation Practice

Doug Belofsky has decades of experience working on complex corporate litigation issues. He represents business owners, business people and companies of any size and industry in a wide variety of complicated legal issues.

This extends to general trial and appellate practice in state and federal courts as well as in arbitration. Some of the more common disputes he handles include:

  • Partnership disputes
  • Family business disputes
  • Shareholder issues
  • Interference with business
  • Insurance issues
  • Healthcare issues
  • Trust and trustee issues
  • Probate matters
  • Breach of contract
  • Unfair business practices
  • Trademark and trade name issues
  • Contract law

Whether the disputes erupt at a local, state or federal level, Doug knows the rules and regulations that need to be honored. He is also armed with a solid background and sharp skills required to walk clients through the often intricate nuances of business law.

Help For Complex Litigation

Business litigation has always been a complicated arena, but it is becoming even more complex as new issues arise. Questions concerning statistics, expert testimonies and other intricate business issues often come up, issues that may be tough for the average jury to understand. Trial by jury is not always the answer, either.

While Doug Belofsky is always prepared to go to trial, it may not be the most desirable course of action in all cases. Trials can be lengthy and expensive, often taking more than a year for a judge to render his or her decision.

We explore alternative methods of resolution that can be more favorable to our clients. These include arbitration, mediation and settlements, which can often be more beneficial on the financial and emotional levels.

Contact Doug Belofsky

With a long history of success, attorney Doug Belofsky can help you achieve your financial and strategic objectives while providing strong legal representation for you or your business. Call his Northbrook office today at 847-464-9303 for more information or use his online contact form to schedule a consultation.