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Corporate Law and Business Planning

Business Entity Selection and Formation

Properly selecting, forming and structuring a corporation, partnership or other business entity requires an extensive knowledge of contracts, business law, tax matters, local, state and federal regulations, and other relevant issues. What type of corporate or business entity is best suited for you? What is most advantageous from a tax standpoint? From a legal perspective, what are the most effective ways to maximize and protect your business investment? Northbrook Attorney Douglas Belofsky, with 28 years of experience in corporate law, commercial transactions, business planning, negotiation and complex litigation, is available to discuss your particular needs.

Corporate Law and Business Planning

Attorney Belofsky provides representation and counsel in all areas of business, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Selection and formation of the business entity
  • Drafting articles of incorporation, corporate by-laws, partnership and operating agreements
  • Matters of fiduciary duty, business transactions, buying and selling businesses
  • Purchasing and leasing assets and real property pertaining to your business
  • Business contract matters, including negotiation, drafting and execution

Attorney Belofsky handles simple and complex business matters, including tax issues, formation of Illinois corporations, S corporations, shareholders’ agreements, professional and medical corporations and business dissolutions.

The Illinois Limited Liability Company – LLC

The Illinois Limited Liability Company Act is an attractive business option with advantages not available in sole proprietorships and general partnerships. For example, individual owners are protected from creditors and are not personally responsible for business debts. Taxes are paid by the individual owners, not the LLC. A board of directors is not required; the organization may design and implement its own structure. In an LLC there are fewer compliance requirements than S and C corporations. Attorney Belofsky can help you determine whether the LLC is a viable and desirable option for your business.

The Law Offices of Douglas Belofsky, P.C.

Corporate Law Attorney Belofsky’s practice areas include business contracts, business disputes, negotiation and litigation. If you are presently in the midst of a business dispute that you have been unable to resolve, contact Attorney Belofsky to discuss possible options. Attorney Belofsky has helped thousands of clients over the past 28 years; often, negotiation alone is sufficient to reach a desired outcome. He also represents clients at the trial and appellate level in both state and federal courts. To discuss your case contact The Law Office of Douglas Belofsky, P.C., at 647-416-2024.

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